Reunión internacional de Estudio de la Idea Juche

Acudieron camaradas de KFA Reino Unido, KFA Estados Unidos, KFA Grecia, KFA España y de los Grupos de Estudio de la Idea Juche de Madrid e Inglaterra.

La reunión fue sobre el libro “Sobre la Idea Juche” del Querido Líder Kim Jong Il, aunque se generalizó a todo el tema de la Idea Juche.

Se remarcó la gran importancia del movimiento de las masas en la historia, y que se debe estudiar el Marxismo-Leninismo clásico para entender al 100% la Idea Juche.

Por parte del camarada de KFA/GEIJ Madrid, se comentó que se trató este tema en el GEIJ Madrid el 30 de marzo de 2016, que el Juche se trata de una idea original con el marxismo-leninismo como base, y que se puede entender como “la humanidad como centro de todo”. Es decir, las Masas Populares.

Se recordó la formación del Camarada Presidente Kim Il Sung, cuando acudía a las reuniones de la Komintern, fue aprendiendo de todos los camaradas que asistían, y que de ese compendio, aplicado a la realidad coreana, se fundó la Idea Juche.

La reunión concluyó sobre las 22 hrs (hora peninsular española), tras una hora y media de sesión.

International Juche Study Meeting

Comrades came from KFA United Kingdom, KFA United States, KFA Greece, KFA Spain and from the Juche Idea Study Groups of England and Madrid.

The meeting was about the book «On the Juche Idea», by Dear Leader His Excellency KIM JONG IL. It was then generalized to the whole subject of the Juche Idea.

The great importance of the movement of the masses in history was remarked, as well as that classic Marxism-Leninism should be studied to fully understand the Juche Idea.

On the part of the comrade of KFA/GEIJ-Madrid, it was commented that this subject was treated in the GEIJ of Madrid on March 30 2016, and that Juche is an original idea with Marxism-Leninism as a basis, and that can be understood like «the humanity is the center of everything». This is, the Popular Masses.

It was recalled the formation of Comrade Eternal President, His Excellency KIM IL SUNG, when he attended the meetings of the Comintern, and that he was learning from all the comrades who attended and that from that compendium applied to the Korean reality was created the Juche Idea.

The meeting concluded at 22:00h (Spanish peninsular time) after an hour and a half session.

Report from ASSPUK, JISGE and KFA UK (Written by English comrades)

The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK, Juche Idea Study Group of England and UK Korean Friendship Association held a successful skype seminar on the 24th of March 2017 to mark the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the publication of «ON THE JUCHE IDEA » by the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL .

Participating in it were members of the ASSPUK , JISGE and UK KFA from London, Liverpool, Stoke On Trent and Peterborough .Also participating were the representative of the JISG of Madrid and KFA Spain , the secretary general of the Korean Friendship Association of  the USA and a KFA member from Greece.

  Dr Dermot Hudson president of the ASSPUK and chairman of the JISGE opened the meeting saying «The 31st of March will see the 35th anniversary of the publication of the historic and classic treatise «ON THE JUCHE IDEA » by the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL.

This is the definitive and seminal work that gives a very clear understanding of the Juche Idea. There are many misunderstandings about the Juche idea even today . Some of these are spread quite deliberately , others arise from ignorance and superficiality. The blockheads of the bourgeois media love to tell us that Juche just means self-reliance which is turn means autarky,which is actually wrong on both counts. Then we have various so-called “Left “ critics of Juche who make various false assertions usually that Juche is “nationalism “ or that Juche is anti-Marxist , has rejected Marxism-Leninism etc and at the other end of this spectrum Juche is just “Stalinism “ . An in depth reading of  “ON THE JUCHE IDEA “ will clear away these  fundamental misconceptions  and saw that in fact Juche is a comprehensive and integrated ideological and philosophical system.

This work of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL fully systematised for the first time and carried to a new higher level, the immortal Juche idea authored by the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG , the eternal president of the DPRK. President KIM IL SUNG had developed the Juche idea over a number of years, important landmarks in this development were the works «Path of the Korean Revolution», «On Eliminating Dogmatism and Formalism and establishing Juche in ideological work»and » On some problems of our party’s Juche idea and the government of the Republic’s internal and external policies…he work «ON THE JUCHE IDEA » shines brightly as a brilliant manifesto for total human liberation in all fields. It gives correct answers for those building socialism, correct answers for those overcoming imperialist oppression building new independent societies , correct answers for those struggling for independence against imperialism and correct answers for those fighting against capitalist oppression and exploitation.

I can remember as a student having problems with Marxism-Leninism and dialectical materialism which asserted the change of social systems occurred simply because of the contradictions or even a comparison with water turning to steam when it reached a certain temperature . When I discovered Juche I found the true path to understanding the laws of social change .

ON THE JUCHE IDEA is a a work that should be studied by all progressives, anti-imperialists,anti-capitalists ,socialists and communists as well serious students of philosophy.

As it has been said «study the Juche idea , it will cost you nothing but will pay in plenty»

Comrade David Munoz UK KFA Organisation secretary said  «Independence and creative spirit are the unique and fundamental principles of the Juche Idea and essential for the revolutionary and communist movement as leader KIM JONG IL said.

The origin of the concept of Independence arose before the Korean revolution when the different Parties that called themselves »communists» with an opportunist and chauvinistic line faced each other creating division in the popular masses and their only objective was the acceptance of the International Communist instead of unite the popular masses in their land to achieve the revolution and the independence of Japanese imperialism and the establishment of socialism according to the circumstances. It was then that the Great Leader comrade KIM IL SUNG said that each country must build socialism by the independence and in a creative way according to their circumstances without interference or acceptance of foreign powers.

Thanks to this original idea, Korea continues building socialism along the path of independence while the other countries of the socialist bloc succumbed to revisionism or did not build their socialism because they were maintained by the intervention of others. The path of building socialism to communism is only possible through the Songun way and independence.

The comrade of the JISG Madrid and KFA Spain mentioned that the JISGM/GEIJM studied this work as well and mentioned the importance of understand the social history and the importance of the Juche Idea as an original Idea of the Working Class

Chris Bovet KFAUSA said that the Juche Idea defines the masses as the owners of the revolution and construction. He said that fake communists and factionalists had divorced themselves from the masses and were just trying to get recognition.

Alexander Meads KFA UK Commissar said that the Juche idea is an original philosophy that is independent and creative . The Juche idea is universally applicable , also that the DPRK is based on national leadership whereas the Eastern European countries had no national leaders and depended on the Soviet Union.

Participants agreed that Juche is focused on independence and homogeneous. They also agreed that the Korean revolution is the most independent revolution.

The meeting denounced the attempts to slander and undermine UK KFA by a disreputable and unbalanced element.

The meeting discussed the plans of KFAUSA and also the meeting of the ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA on April 1st . A proposal was made to set up Juche Idea Study Groups in the USA and Greece.